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Bachan's: The Original Japanese BBQ Sauce

Bachan's: The Original Japanese BBQ Sauce

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In early 2019 I asked my partner German to find the BEST BBQ sauce in the US. After all, the best meat deserves ONLY the best sauce... that set him on an adventure where he ended up trying over 100 different BBQ sauces of all kinds, from broad-liners to craft. Somehow and somewhere, he found Bachan's.

All it took was a bit of Bachan's to fall in love. Since then, we have tried it on everything... beef, chicken, fish, even popcorn! 

While it is definitely NOT a traditional BBQ sauce (its more like a BBQish teriyaki), we still decided that this was the best BBQ sauce in the market. We were extremely dissapointed when we reached out to Justin (Mr Bachan's himself) to learn that he had simply no way of distributing the sauce across the country... his distribution network was small.

We didn't give up, we emailed Justin on a bi-weekly basis for 8 months until he finally told us he was ready to ship across the nation.

So check-out Bachan's and let us (and him) know if you like it as much as we do!

 Warning: Consumption of this sauce may cause addiction. 

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