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The Lawman Limited Edition "Columbo Blend" medium Roast

The Lawman Limited Edition "Columbo Blend" medium Roast

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The Lawman Swing Shift coffee has a partner ! Columbo the nostalgic Lt. Detective from Los Angles who is best known for handling the high profile murders that involved the rich and famous. 

We have taken the swing shift medium roast coffee bean and incorporated a unique blend of flavoring of rum, chocolate, vanilla and bourbon.  We did not over flavor our coffee bean and it's just a hint of these great flavors.  This made our cup of coffee still very smooth with just a little extra flavoring.

This is a limited release for an undetermined amount of time. We are offering it in whole bean and ground.

This is our second release of flavored coffee the first was at Christmas. We are doing limited releases of flavored coffee so let us know what you think. We are doing small batches at a time.

5 lb. bags will be roasted to order, so allow 5 days for us to get it processed and in the mail to you.

If you looking to JUST purchase coffee, check out our Etsy page.  

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