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Fresh Vintage Farms

Fresh Vintage Farms Almond Oil

Fresh Vintage Farms Almond Oil

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About Fresh Vintage Farms: Fresh Vintage Farms was started in 2020 by Tara Tickenoff, a Turlock, CA native. They offer premium agricultural food products from quality farmers that have sustainable operations. Proud to be 3rd Generation almond farmers and industry members, they always source our almonds locally from right here in the Central Valley of California. 

Product Info: This is a whole new way to introduce almonds into your everyday diet. They have created a Virgin Almond Oil using California Almonds. Both tasty and healthy, this product is unique in its Nutty Flavor as they use a cold press similar to what you’d see in production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Their product is versatile in a professional kitchen setting or in the average household. We’ve dubbed it “THE NUTTY ALTERNATIVE TO OLIVE OIL” 

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