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Killer Hogs

Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce

Killer Hogs BBQ Sauce

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Malcom Reed of Killer Hog's BBQ Competition team needed a great sauce, to match up with his BBQ Rub, and here it is. Killer Hogs The BBQ Sauce is a competition style sauce that delivers flavor and brings home the hardware. The BBQ Sauce is a competition style Sweet and Heat sauce, it starts with some heat and delivers an exciting sweetness to keep you interested. Malcom brings home the winning in his BBQ Competition team and the perfectly balanced blend of tangy and sweet gives your barbecue a killer flavor.

Malcom is a serious professional and his sauce has been a long time coming, we would suggest for some serious competition style BBQ. The ingredients alone are worth the price, lot's of secrets wrapped up in this sauce. Well worth a try!

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