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Smittys BBQ

Smitty BBQ Scotch Bonnet

Smitty BBQ Scotch Bonnet

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The flavor of Smitty’s “Scotch Bonnet” pairs the sweetness of molasses with this sauce’s spicy Caribbean namesake. 

The fruity, earthy and tropical notes in the Scotch Bonnet pepper add a flavor profile not found in any run-of-the-mill barbecue sauces. 

We took all the goodness of our original recipe and worked some more magic then added just the right amount of spice to light up your senses. The irresistible flavor will make this a staple in your food arsenal.

And you’ll be delighted with the sweet molasses caramelization that happens when things heat up.
Smitty's Beard Sauce - Scotch Bonnet gets its very unique aroma and distinct flavor from the addition of a wee bit of Scotch Bonnet chili peppers, we done up'd the flavor game with this one. 

This aint your thick n chunky, hurry up n wait sauce. This is your pour dip n eat, then lick it off your plate with your face sauce. It's OK if it gets in your beard! Hell then you'll have some for later.


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