How our coffee journey started.

How our coffee journey started.

Our coffee journey started several years back when we had our BBQ retail store.
When working in Law Enforcement for 30 years we lived on coffee. Long shift hours mixed in with court or life, in general, made little sleep. We drank coffee like water and from where ever you could find it.

When retiring we opened a BBQ retail shop and found that good name-brand coffee was not in our town. We started selling Black Rifle Coffee Company products and that attracted a lot of coffee aficionados with great conversation. We sold a lot of BRCC coffee in our shop.

I saw a video one day of a BBQ guy roasting coffee on a cast iron pan on an outdoor cooktop. I decided to give it a try with my spin on a BBQ grill that I had. The coffee was drinkable because I had the worst in my life. It wasn't perfected at that point due to the uneven roast.

I was looking around on Marketplace and found a small coffee roaster. I made some decent coffee and acquired several friends and neighbors dipping from my new hobby. I quickly outgrew this hobby roaster.

One of my grill companies then launched a rotisserie attachment. I got creative and was now making coffee in bulk and it was the best yet. I was making larger batches and less time involved.

Along my journey, I was making friends in the coffee industry as they were interested in my creativity in making freshly roasted coffee.

We ended up selling the house, store, and a good portion of our belongings and relocated to the great state of Tennessee. We currently live in a small town very close to Smoky National Park. I am supposed to be fully retired and enjoying myself.

I did keep my BBQ seasoning portion of the business and ended up opening a boutique BBQ seasoning and sauce storefront.

A successful coffee company was following my journey and asked if I was going to start roasting coffee again and I was not. We have several great coffee companies in our area.

Here's where it gets fun. Let's just do a special release, use your favorite bean, and let me see if my bean broker can provide it. Here's where it go started.
I prefer smooth not bitter or acidic coffee. My bean selection is a little more costly because of the flavor profile, it's not your typical cup of coffee. We did a limited release of coffee and those who grabbed a bag wanted more. We then started offering a full line of coffee.

We currently have a medium and dark roast. By request, we will roast a light roast. We have two different labels with our coffee.

Occasionally I like flavored coffee, just to change it up. Christmas we did a Santa Blend which was in strong demand. After the holidays my flavored drinkers wanted another blend. The last month and currently we have "Columbo Blend" which has hints of Rum, vanilla, chocolate, and Bourbon. it's very smooth and provides great flavor. We will have it a little while longer before we move along to something different.

K-cups we do have in the regular coffee only and they are a little more challenging. Since we are a small-batch coffee provider the lids need to be Kurieg compliant and the branded lids are very costly. We have a generic cup in a branded box of 12 or bulk.

We provide other small businesses like ourselves with our coffee in a generic black bag under our Private Labeling program. We provide them the bags of coffee and they are adding their labels. These are great for fundraisers, advertising, or just opening your own micro business for yourself.

The coffee business is catching on, there are a lot of coffee providers out there selling in various marketplaces. Our coffee is roasted by a professional coffee company that is compliant with all standards for resale.

Our coffee bean selection coupled with quality roasting makes an amazing cup of coffee. I like to use a comparison with wine or beer. There is a comparison between the bargain bottle of wine and the 80.00 bottles of wine was a distinct difference.

The first thing you do in the morning is do some coffee, so drink The Lawman Coffee and get your day started with a good-tasting cup of coffee. Life is too short to drink bitter coffee.

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