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Sciabica's Habanero Olive Oil

Sciabica's Habanero Olive Oil

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Now this is spicy! Hot, but not overwhelming, this is for serious hot pepper fans who want the true flavor of Habañero peppers with balanced heat. We meticulously select only the ripest Habañero peppers picked at the height of flavor, and press them with ripe California olives to craft a bold-flavored Habañero Extra Virgin olive oil that is absolutely superb drizzled over baked fish, herb-roasted chicken and al dente pasta. Or use as a dipping oil for fresh-baked focaccia bread.

Favorite Uses: Mango Salsa, Sear Fish or Chicken, Marinate Steak, Brush on Panini, Anything that could use a "kick"!

Size: 250 ML


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