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The Lawman Rub Co

The Lawman "Graveyard" Dark Roast

The Lawman "Graveyard" Dark Roast

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The Lawman Rub Co "Graveyard" dark roast. The coffee is a Brazilian bean called Salmo which is best described as a sweet nuttiness with a roasted hazelnut butter is primary in the aroma, backed up by notes of date and rich milk chocolate.  Mouthfeel is crisp and velvety, and acidity is mild.

A cup of this coffee is rewarding and gives a sense of well being. The rich flavor is not acidic and or bitter.

The bean is organic and we roast in small batches to meet our customers needs.

** Note 5# bags are typically roasted to order and will take a few days to process.

If you looking to JUST purchase coffee, check out our Etsy page.  

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